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Materials and processes

Acrylic: Our high quality acrylic and Lucite for stylish and affordable awards, at an extraordinary value. Typically the award is either screened printed or laser engraved.

Glass: Our glass awards for quality that gives your award the full weight of your appreciation. Our process is sandblasting which etches the award to a deeper pattern.

Crystal: The flawless beauty of high quality crystal for our most impressive awards. Available in Optical, Jade or Starfire crystal. Sandblasting process is a standard with crystal. A detail of the products in as follows. (link to the JC Charles file crystal.doc)

Wood: A variety of beautiful hardwoods and finishes for that special award. Examples are mahogany, teakwood, cherry, ebony and other fine quality finishes. In most cases woods can be lasered to achieve that separation between copy and background.

Metal: A variety of colored metals to commemorate and convey your appreciation. Silver plated aluminum, brass finish accessories and bronze castings can also be used to compliment the award and add designer qualities. Typically the award is either lasered, etched, engraved or screen printed.

Stonecast: An award-winning material that conveys the quality of carved stone. This product is creatively lasered.



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