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    Letrix USA Badges include a wide array of products from standard badges and convention badges to custom badges. These badges are created using on of the following processes:

    Hot stamping
    is best for small quantity orders and for metallic colors. Color selections are limited to standard color and metallic foils, and printing should be very basic without fine details. Also, the overall imprint area is limited. Generally, hot stamping is best for badges not much larger than a 1”x3”.

    Screen-printing is used if you need custom color matches, larger print areas, fine details, half tones and other more intricate printing. Because of the cost of setup and cleanup, screen-printing is more economical for larger quantity orders. Custom color matching is available for an extra charge.

    Digital printing is the newest most flexible technology. We can run small and large orders on standard size badges. We can offer Pantone color mixes not available with Hot Stamping or Screen-printing. Please call us for a free price quote on your next project.

    Please fill out our inFormation request Form and our specialist will contact you within 48 hours. If you have additional questions please contact us at sales@letrixusa.com or 888-4Letrix.

    Thank you for your interest,

    Letrix USA, Inc.
    Signs Sales Team

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